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Nov 23, 2012 11:00pm PST
. there's a lot of energy here. >> just a few weeks ago, stockton was closed. the city cleaned up all the instruction equipment for the shopping season and everybody repaved the streets. >> some people took part in another holiday tradition: our very own christine loren gets the honors. >> o lirpic gold medallist was a feshl guest at downtown ice. it's the largest out door rink in the south bay. and probably one of the few places where you can skate under the palm trees. coming up, it's not just humans who are stepping up to donate blood anymore. >> bieber is sitting on the couch and saving dogs. >> dogs donating to heaven other dogs. see how it's done. >> plus, a yacht rescue on the san francisco bae. and the 49ers quarterback controversy rolls on. we don't know who's starting on sunday, but coming up in sporlts, the sign that chaked its coming. after a mild day, temperatures are real cold. mid to upper 40s in the nort bay. we'll track your weekend forecast. i'll have the if you will time line of that coming up in that 7-day forecast. >>> authorities are looking into the cause of a n
Nov 26, 2012 11:00pm PST
cannabis, i feel more tireder. and with the cannabis, i have more energy, to like play and stuff. >> michaela's family lives in oregon where medical marijuana is legal. while mom's decision sparked some controversy, she has no regrets. saying he will do anything to save or spare her child. some 60 kids are diagnosed with leukemia each year. and the hospital has described cannabis for children. but caution it's important to adjust the amount for the child's age and size. >>> the bitterness was put on hold during the thanksgiving break. but tonight, they were back at it. school teachers marched from the east ridge mall to the head of the school district. they want contract negotiations to be reopened. the district declared an impasse in late october, after six sessions, saying the two sides were too far apart. >> we're finding ourselves in a difficult position to balance the needs of the employees with the needs of the students. >> the proposal was couched that could not be discussed in its parts. >> a state mediator has been appointed to help broker an agreeme agreement. but that
Nov 25, 2012 11:00pm PST
like christmas. >> more picks, more orders are coming in. more numbers definitely, more energy. >> as the workload increases, so does the stress. >> do you ever dream about work? >> i have dreamted about work, yes. i dreamted about picking items. >> reporter: sometimes items are too far apart to walk. this is amazon's biggest fulfillment center. to fwif you an idea it is the equivalent of 28 football fields which explains why some employees need try troiks to get around. >> with this holiday season expected to be the biggest one yet they have brought in 50,000 extra workers. >> an on-line operation that depends on the human touch to fulfill holiday wishes. nbc news, phoenix, arizona. >> when we return, a rockin' celebration. >> the rolling stones are flying high tonight as they celebrated 50 years as a band with 20,000 of their closest fans. the group kicked off the anniversary tour where it all began in london. the 69-year-old mick jagger and band mates thrilled the audience for more than 2 1/2 hours with hits like "brown sugar" and "jumping jack flash" they will be in new yor
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3